Warranty Policy

Hyperice Malaysia Local Warranty Policy for Hyperice products

All Hyperice devices, technologies and accessories contain
1 year of local manufacturer's warranty
covered by
Hyperice Malaysia
only upon
complete and successful registration
with the following particulars stated below for
Hyperice Malaysia Warranty Registration.

1. Name
2. Date of Purchase
3. Product Type
4. Warranty Code
(Hyperice Malaysia Warranty Card)

More details about the coverage of Hyperice Malaysia 1 Year Local Manufacturer's Warranty for
Hyperice technologies, devices and accessories
are listed below.

Hyperice Malaysia
offers a one-year local (Malaysia) manufacturer's warranty that covers
product failure due to defects in material or workmanship.

The warranty is active and applicable for the 
Hyperice products stated below.

Percussion Technology :
1. Hypervolt 2 (60w) Bluetooth Massage Gun / Hypervolt (60w) Bluetooth Massage Gun 
2. Hypervolt 2 Pro Plus (90w) Bluetooth Massage Gun / Hypervolt Plus (902) Bluetooth Massage Gun
3. Hypervolt Go 2 (40w) Massage Gun / Hypervolt Go (40w) Massage Gun
4. Hypervolt Lithum Ion Battery

Local warranty covers :
- Hypervolt Motor Unit
- Lithium Ion Battery
- Applicator Head Attachment(s)
- Charger / Adapter

Vibration Technology :
1. Hypersphere Vibration Massage Ball
2. Hypersphere Go Vibration Massage Ball
3. Vyper 3 Vibration Foam Roller
4. Vyper Go Vibration Foam Roller

Local warranty covers :
- Hypersphere / Hyperspehre Go Motor Unit
- Vyper 3 / Vyper Go Motor Unit
- Charger / Adapter

Thermal Technology :
1. Venom Leg Heat Vibration Strap
2. Venom Back Heat Vibration Strap
3. Venom Shoulder Heat Vibration Strap
4. Venom Go
5. Heated Head Attachment

Local warranty covers :
- Venom Control Unit
- Compression Strap
- Charger / Adapter

Hyperice Ice Compression Technology :
1. Knee Ice Compression Strap
2. Back Ice Compression Strap
3. Shoulder Ice Compression Strap
4. Utility Ice Compression Strap

Local warranty covers :
- Ice Cell
- Compression Strap

Dynamic Air Compression Technology :
1. Normatec 3 Leg Recovery System 

Local warranty covers :
- Normatec Control Unit
- Hose
- Leg Attachment
- Charger / Adapter

Normatec Accessories :
1. Normatec Hip Attachment
2. Normatec Arm Attachment

Local warranty covers :
- Normatec Attachment Unit

The 1 year local manufacturer's warranty exludes :

- Hyperice products purchased from an unauthorized retailer or source
- Hyperice products purchased or taken out of Malaysia
- Hyperice products subjected to unauthorized repair
- Damage caused by accident, abuse, mishandling or transport
- Deterioration of the Hyperice products from
abnormal storage, safeguard and natural wear and tear 
- Failure to provide the dated proof of purchase 
(Warranty card registration, Sales receipt, Sales invoice, Online bank transfer payment proof, Order confirmation email)

The local warranty covers the
replacement or exchange 
of units(s) or/and part(s)
according to respective
defects, dysfunctions and issues. 

The local warranty excludes return policynormal wear and tearcosmetic damages, misuse
modification in any way. 

Hyperice devices, technologies and accessories upgrade
are not applicable with any balance top up
once the
Hyperice product is unpacked or opened
(Back In Box).

These terms are applicable for all
Hyperice devices, sets and attachments.

There is no repair service available for any
Hyperice devices, technologies and accessories
across all regions, globally

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Fee will be required
to all Hyperice prodcuts according to Geo Zones (Malaysia and Singapore)
according to respective postal code.
Shipping fee will only be waived when Free Shipping is stated
for selected product(s) and region(s).

For any return(s) regards to warranty claims and inspection matters,
customer will bare the Shipping Fee back to Hyperice Malaysia.
This applies to all regions across Malaysia and Singapore. 

If anything happens to your device,
please contact us with a quick photo or video of any issue you may be experiencing
with your respective Hyperice tehnology, device or accessory at

WhatsApp : 019 989 5796
Email : hyperice@info.my

Team Hyperice Malaysia will be sure to get you taken care of
right away.